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Catholic group dodges gay marriage

new marriage law went into effect,Christian Louboutin outlet, but not everyone is breaking out the kazoos. On Monday, the organization informed its employees that henceforth, new hires and yet unwed employees would not be entitled to spousal health benefits. In the memo, Catholic Charities president and CEO Edward Orzechowski explained that, of March 2 the new plan will provide the same level of coverage for employees and their dependents that you now have, with one exception: spouses not in the plan as of March 1, will not be eligible for coverage in the future We sincerely regret that we have to make this change, but it is necessary to allow Catholic Charities to continue to provide essential services to the clients we serve in partnership with the District of Columbia while remaining consistent with the tenets of our religious faith. right; so determined is Catholic Charities not to give a dime to gay spouses,cheap christian louboutin, they willing to cut off straight ones while they at it. This, by the way,Christian Louboutin outlet uk, is the same organization that last month dumped its foster care service rather than risk having its kids go into homes with same sex couples.


Medela Freestyle Pump

On my box of Medela bags it says they are compatible with all medela pumps except the frestyle :( If it makes you feel any better though, I don’t pump into the bags the markings aren’t accurate on them unless you happen to get it opened in exactly the right way (which I don’t think I’ve ever managed to do!) I can pump 3oz and pour it in the bag (with the bottom opened up to stand upright) and it will say 4.5oz. I pump into the bottles,cheap michael kors wallet, then dump into the bag and circle the correct ounce marking on the bag. HTH :)

I use a medela swing, and occasionally the manual pump if I’m in a bind (mostly SAHM, only pump 1 2x/day DH does 1 night feeding for me, so I pump for that daily,cheap michael kors wallet, and I keep an emergency stash of about 36 hours worth in the freezer)

same here pump into the bottles with the freestyle and pour into bags. really like my freestyle tho so portable and small! know that i would say, do housework while pumping but it does make it easy to pack away in any bag that you want if you need to pump away from home,cheap michael kors bags, and the hands free straps that it comes with are handy too once you get the hang of them. they clip onto any standard nursing bra (they have adapters for the different types of clasps).


10 Stylish Camera Bags for Hip Photographers,cheap michael kors wallet

If you’ve spent money on a decent camera, you’ll need a classy case to keep it safe. Unfortunately, so many camera bags are bulky,cheap michael kors bags, ugly and pretty darn dull.

We scoured the web to find some snazzy options for shutterbugs with a sense of style. From handmade leather bags to colorful neoprene cases, at least one of these cases will catch your eye.

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Take a look through our hand picked selection in the slideshow above. Link us in the comments below to any other options you can recommend.

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Toronto Plastic Bag Ban To Be Scrapped In Council Flip Flop,cheap michael kors wallet

An alliance of 15 organizations protested at city hall last month, warning that eliminating the bags would cause job losses in the plastic industry and would not help reduce pollution.

The group said consumers would start using more paper bags, which don’t recycle well and consume three times the energy to produce.

A motion banning plastic bags passed in June after council approved a motion to scrap a five cent levy on the bags. Last month, council voted not to reopen the discussion.

But on Wednesday, council met for about 20 minutes to discuss confidential legal advice from the city’s solicitor about the bylaw before voting 38 7 to scrap it.

Council plans to revisit the ban proposal at a later date.

Mayor Rob Ford had spoken out strongly against the ban while the city’s solicitor warned it could spark legal action.

Earlier this month,cheap michael kors wallet, the Ontario Convenience Stores Association began legal action against the city,michael kors wallet outlet, saying the proposed ban was approved without a proper consultation process.

The group praised council’s decision Wednesday, calling it “a good day for small businesses in Toronto.”

“By selectively prohibiting merchants from providing certain types of plastic bags, shoppers would have been less likely to make purchases and that would have hit Toronto’s small, family run convenience stores the hardest,” said Dave Bryans, who heads the association.


Visually challenged student bags top honours at IIT Kharagpur

But, this did not dampen Pratish Datta love for mathematics, or his zeal for pursuing a career in mathematical research. students this year.

Mr. I do all the calculations mentally and then dictate it to my scribe, who puts it down on paper,Christian Louboutin Outlet Online, 23 year old Datta said, after being awarded the degree in Mathematics by the institute.

Suffering from retinoschisis an eye disease characterised by the abnormal splitting of the retina neuro sensory layers, resulting in loss of vision,Authentic Christian Louboutin, Mr. Datta has been dependent on his mother for all his lessons since his childhood.

would read out the lessons, including mathematical problems, and he would memorise them, his mother Ranjana Datta said, adding that since Mr. Datta was interested in mathematics, she encouraged him to take up the subject. After graduating with mathematics from St. Xavier College, Kolkata, he joined the institute in 2010.

Keen to take up teaching and research as his career, Mr. programme on Cryptology and Network Security at IIT Kharagpur.

In the last two years at the institute,cheap christian louboutin sneakers, Mr. But whatever he listens, it gets inked in his mind. Datta on a great achievement! You are truly an inspiration to all


Gruesome discovery in a suitcase left in a garbage bin in Montreal

MONTREAL Investigators were combing through garbage bags and furniture left on a street in the Snowdon district Tuesday,Christian Louboutin Outlet Online, looking for body parts.

I noticed flies and when I looked closer I saw maggots, Nadeau said. got a friend and we got some cutters because there was a little lock on the suitcase. What I saw when we opened it is hard to describe. There was no head and (the torso) was all grey. said he did not believe there were any limbs attached to the torso. Nadeau backed away from suitcase quickly and called police, he said.

Investigators were looking through garbage bags to find other evidence, or other body parts. Fortier said Montreal police were in contact with Ottawa police regarding a foot that was reportedly discovered in the mail at Conservative Party headquarters in the capital on Tuesday.

The body parts have been deemed the result of a homicide,Christian Louboutin uk, Montreal police Cst. Daniel Fortier said. It is the 11th homicide of 2012 on the Island of Montreal. At the corresponding date last year,Authentic Christian Louboutin, there had been 18 homicides.

Daftar Harga motor Yamaha – Semua tentu sudah tau kalau Yamaha merupakan salah satu Brand motor terkenal di Indonesia dan Dunia.Selain kualitas motor yang bersaing dengan merek lain,Yamaha juga memiliki harga terjangkau dan body yang Macthing.

 Salah satu motor yang paling ternama dari Yamaha untuk kelas Sport adalah Yamaha New Vixion yang merupakan motor paling irit dan paling sporti dikelasnya.Ada juga yang lain seperti Yamah Fino yang tampil Classic,Jupiter MX dan Jupiter Z yang mayoritas disukai anak muda/pelajar.

Daftar Harga motor Yamaha Lengkap 2015

Berikut ini ada Daftar Harga motor Yamaha Lengkap 2015

Harga Motor Yamaha
 Motor  Harga
Byson 21.250.000
Fino Classic 13.750.000
Fino Fashion 13.850.000
Fino Premium FI 14.525.000
Fino Premium FI SE 16.400.000
Fino Sporty FI 14.500.000
Fino Sporty FI SE 15.700.000
Force Elegan 13.700.000
Force Sporty 13.350.000
GT 125 15.900.000
Jupiter MX 15.175.000
Jupiter MX ATCW 16.450.000
Jupiter MX CW 17.300.000
Jupiter MX CW AC 16.220.000
Jupiter MX CW MC 17.000.000
Jupiter MX CW Moto GP Livery 17.600.000
Jupiter Z 14.000.000
Jupiter Z CW FI 15.250.000
Jupiter Z CW FI Moto GP Livery 15.500.000
Jupiter Z FI 14.600.000
Jupiter ZX CW 14.950.000
Jupiter ZX SE 15.250.000
Lexam 16.800.000
Mio GT 13.650.000
Mio GT Moto GP Livery 13.950.000
Mio J CW FI 13.350.000
Mio J CW FI Teen 13.350.000
Mio J FI 12.850.000
Mio M3 125 Blue Core 13.980.000
Mio Soul 13.700.000
Mio Sporty CW 12.350.000
New GT 125 15.900.000
New V-Ixion KS 22.750.000
New V-Ixion Non KS 22.550.000
Scorpio Z CW 25.000.000
Scorpio Z Limited Edition 25.500.000
Soul GT Muscle 14.750.000
Soul GT Street 14.750.000
V-Ixion 22.000.000
V-Ixion SE 23.800.000
Vega R DB 11.450.000
Vega RR 11.990.000
Vega RR DB 12.450.000
Vega ZR 11.300.000
Vega ZR DB 12.300.000
Vixion KS 23.200.000
Vixion KS moto GP Livery 23.700.000
Vixion KS SE 23.970.000
Vixion non KS 22.550.000
X-Ride 14.800.000
X-Ride ASE 17.150.000
X-Ride SE 15.400.000
Xeon RC 15.500.000
Xeon RC Moto GP Livery 15.800.000
YZF R15 28.000.000
YZF R25 53.000.000

 Harga diatas mungkin sedikit atau banyak berbeda dengan lokasi anda,hal ini disebabkan beberapa Faktor,contoh untuk wilayah batam mungkin harga diatas akan lebih tinggi dari harga OTR Batam,disebabkan Batam tidak dikenakan PPN,dilokasi lain seperti medan,pekanbaru dan sekitarnya akan lebih mahal dari daftar diatas karna biaya pengiriman sepeda motor.

Setelah penantian yang begitu lama,akhirnya salah satu tampang dari Toyota Fortuner dan Hilux terpampang melalui dunia internet,foto yang beredar diperkirakan adalah Toyota Fortuner dan Hilux yang akan dikeluarkan tahun ini.

 Seperti dalam foto kedua kuda besi ini memiliki wajah yan ketara hampir sam,diperkirakan Hilux akan ditopang sasis jenis ladder-frame,hal ini juga akan diterapkan pada generasi baru Fotuner.

Tampang Baru Toyota Fortuner dan Hilux!
Foto by Indianautosblog

Spekulasi lain muncul ,Toyota diperkirakan membenamkan mesin terbaru berkapasitas 3.000cc bensin dan 2.500cc diesel turbo. pada kedua mobil ini.
 Diperkirakan,Fortuner generasi baru ini akan melucur pada akhir tahun 2016,hmmm…penantian yang panjang.

 Dari judul diatas mungkin anda berfikir kira-kira jika diadu balap , motor mana yang menang? Hehe tidaklah demikian karena sekarang saya Cuma akan membandingkan kedua motor ini, yaitu sama-sama motor sport yang tentunya sporty dan handal, Untuk persaingan Pasar motor di Indonesia sendiri sangat sengit sekali diantara sekian motor yang dikeluarkan oleh beberapa pabrikan motor, tentu salah satu dari produk mereka akan mengalami kalah saingan, atau kebalikannya menang dalm persaingan pasar motor jenis tertentu , karena setiap motor tidak sama antara Kelebihan dan kekurangannya .

Perbaingan Yamaha YZF-R125 Vs Honda CB125R

Nah untuk sekarang ini saya akan membahas tentang Kelebihan dan kekurangan dari 2 motor sporty yang beda pabrikannya , alias beda merek dan perusahaan , yang pertama adalah Yamaha YZF-R125 yang tak lain adalah hasil godokan teknologi motor dari perusahaan Yamaha, dan yang kedua adalah Honda CB125R keluaran Honda , keduanya memang dikabarkan sempat memanas meskipun Honda CB125R lebih murah namun hal ini bukanlah jaminan, karena Yamaha YZF-R125 yang juga Sportbike ini juga tidak pernah sepi dari penggemarnya meskipun harganya yang terkesan lebih mahal dari Honda CB125R, Untuk lebih detailnya Berikut adalah perbandingan antara Yamaha YZF-R125 Vs Honda CB125R :

Perbaingan Yamaha YZF-R125 Vs Honda CB125R

· Mesin : Untuk mesin Honda CB125R mempunyai mesin berkapasitas sama dengan Yamaha namun tenaga yang dihasilkan relatif lebih rendah sekitar 13,1 hp,tinggi kursinya 793 dan berat basah 136,9 kg. Sementara itu Yamaha YZF-R125 memiliki mesin yang meskipun sama yaitu 124,7 cc namun menghasilkan tenaga yang lebih besar sekitar 15 hp, berat kendaraan 138 kg, dengan tinggi kursi 818 mm.

· Harga : Untuk masalah harga jelas Honda CB125R lebih murah yakni dibandrol dengan harga 68 juta rupiah saja , sedangkan Yamaha YZF-R125 relatif lebih mahal yaitu dibandrol 84,5 Jutaan Rupiah

· Eksterior : Untuk Yamaha YZF-R125 terlihat lebih gagah dan agresif , sementara Honda CB125R memberikan pemakaian yang lebih nyaman bagi pemula dilengkapi rem dan suspensi untuk keamanan pemakainya.

Modifikasi Vixion New | Halo bro,sebelum panjang cerita saya mau kenalin diri bro,nama saya Jacob Silitonga,biasanya dipanggil Jacob Atau Sitonga aja,hobby saya sehari hari adalah Blogging untuk online nah sedangkan untuk offline saya termasuk pecinta otomotif,untuk mewujudkannya tentu saya harus punya motor,saya pilih New Vixion Putih yang ane idam-idamin dulu.

 Untuk perform tentu agan-agan juga puas dengan motor andalan Yamaha ini,sedangkan untuk bagian body kayakya perlu perombakan pada bagian depan menggunakan Fairing deh biar cakep,nih motor ane gan,salam satu aspal.

 Kembali ke topiccc….
 Bicara modifikasi vixion dari tahun peluncurannya,2014 dan 2015 merupakan tahun diamana motor ini merajai segmen sport entry,selain harga terjangkau dengan perform menawan motor ini juga gampang dimodifikasi,berikut ini beberapa hasil modifikasi 2015 yang tentu membuat anda semakin ngiler pengen beli New Vixion deh.

Catatan : Untuk melihat detail Motor ini,silahkan Klik detail Modifikasi

1.Modifikasi Vixion Gaya MotoGP.
Modifikasi Vixion Ala MotoGP

2.Modifikasi Vixion Simple.
Modifikasi New Vixion Sederhana Dan Simpel

3 Modifikasi Vixion New Vixion Putih Full Fairing

4. Modifikasi Vixion ala RS125
Modifikasi Yamaha Vixion Biru Bergaya RS125

Nah itulah beberapa hasil modifikasi New Vixion 2015,perlu dicatat,gambar tersebut tidak sepenuhnya milik ada sebagian yang saya ambil dari forum-forum khusus New Vixion,trimsh.